Hello, for those of you who haven’t been keeping up with Beat Warrior on social media may have been wondering: “Where are the updates?”,”What happened to the story?”, and “What happened to Beat Warrior?” Well I’m here to say Beat Warrior was on a hiatus since the end of February. This is for multiple reasons, but the big one was making sure Beat Warrior is the best comic it can be. I took a break to further develop the comic in both story and art.

It brings be great joy to announce that Beat Warrior is back on schedule. New pages will be up weekly starting this Monday, June 13th, 2016. That’s not the only announcement. I’ve also redesigned the site to be simplified and accessible. To do this, I’m moving the old comics to the Facebook Page. I’ll also be redesigning the  other pages on this site as well, including the About, Archives, Extras, Contact, and Cast pages.

Beat Warrior has a small audience, but a loyal one.  While the site was on hiatus, the Beat Warrior project was still live and well. This included live painting at WhateverFest 6  and guest appearances on Motown Mojo Live and the JSL Podcast. I wouldn’t make it this far with you guys, and I’m very grateful.


See you guys next update,